About us

Leading supplier and manufacturer of pharmaceutical products

KENO PHARMA  – appointed Advisor to the Russian Export Center. ACCREDITATION №67-ETS 2019 dated August 26, 2019

Keno Pharmacompany was founded in 2009, as a structural association of key pharmaceutical plants in China, with its head office in Beijing.

Today, Keno Pharmais an active international player ofthe pharmaceutical market, with expert experienceand a wide portfolio of industry solutions; 5 international offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Tashkent, Moscow, Cadiz (Spain); a wide partner network with a permanent presence in more than 10 countries.

Keno Pharma – leading supplier of glass bottles, medical stoppers, caps and vials in Russia

Glass vials 10 ml, chlorobutyl rubber stopper, aluminum cap and ampoules 2 ml, 5 ml. Keno Pharma supplies around 50% of all Russian packaging materials for packaging injection and infusion medicines, including vaccines and nutritional products.

Keno Pharma is a leader in the supply of pharmaceutical equipment and in the construction of pharmaceutical plants on a turn-key basis in the CIS countries.

In only 9 years, Keno Pharma has built a total of 10 turnkey pharmaceutical factories in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. For details, see the report in the “Implemented projects” section.

In 9 years we have successfully established our place in the market, and our international partners count on us as a reliable partner, the leading supplier and manufacturer of pharmaceutical products for CIS countries.

Keno Pharma regularly participates in global industry exhibitions and forums, exchanging experiences and presenting our vision of modern pharmaceuticals.

Our services

  • Production and supply of substances

  • Supply of high-tech equipment for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

  • Production and supply of packaging and consumable items

  • Construction of pharmaceutical plants / factories on a turn-key basis

Our benefits

Cooperating with us, you win!

  • A quality product at thebest value optiondue to an effective pricing policy.
  • Fast and safe delivery of products, by providing of ourown means of transportation and supplying them to the customer’s plant.
  • Flexible payment system:different payment options,letters of credit, payments after delivery, we work with USD, EURO, RUB, RMB.
  • We are always around and available from any corner of the world. Modern technologies connect us with you 24 hours a day.
  • Quality customer service and support at the expense of internal high standards of service, minimisation of the production launch.

Our guarantee

  • Meeting high product standards and GMP quality standards

  • Ensuring minimum delivery times

  • Providing starting-up and adjustment works and staff training

  • Warranty and after-sales service

Company’s mission


We want all the best and quality medicines to be available to everyone!

Our company participates in the pharmaceutical production chain, directly involvedin the process of making medicines with manufacturing, and supplying modern, high-quality and safe products to pharmaceutical companies at an affordable price.

We want pharmaceutical companies to produce quality medicines for the final consumer, that at the same time, meet the necessary quality standards at an affordable price, without turning drugs into luxury items.

Company concept


  • We build relations with the partner on the principle of common goals and overall benefits.
  • You win, we work. We value the success of the client, it is on this approach that our work process is built.

Service approach

Client orientation

Client orientation is not only our approach of working with clients, but also a conviction.

We focus on you, on the customer, and are working hard to meet your expectations and needs.

We value you and your opinion, therefore we:

  • Understand the customer
  • Work ahead of time
  • Offer more
  • Operative
  • We render assistance beyond our responsibility
  • Available to you
  • Usea single entry point (one phone has many solutions)
  • Give freedom of choice
  • Treat the customer with gratitude

Why should you work with us?

  • We have built this type of production and companyoperation, in which we provide good quality goods at a low cost, at the same timeconformingto the international standards ISO or Russian GOST.
  • We always say “Yes”. We use all the resources of the company to satisfy the client’s need.